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Which type of mulch you use is personal preference, but here are some things you might want to know:

The Shredded Hardwood Bark is our premium mulch and has the advantage of being made of long shreds of material that bind together and "stay put" better than other mulches on slopes and in heavy rains.  It is made from the bark of hardwood trees and will break down slowly to add organic matter to your soil without rapidly robbing it of Nitrogen needed for good plant growth.  It is medium to dark brown when it first comes and will gradually fade to a natural gray.  This is the one we use in our landscaping jobs.  If applied 2-3" thick, which we recommend, it should last at least two years in the landscape before it needs to be topped off again.

The Dyed Mulches are made from ground pieces of wood scrap such as pallets, moldings, etc.  They tend to be larger chunks, rather than shreds, and use Nitrogen from your soil to break down over time.  Many people like them because of the lasting color they provide.