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We Can Install Your Plant Purchases For You

 Many of the trees we sell are too large to be conveniently handled manually, and we offer installation services for such items.  We use “Bobcat” skid-steer loaders extensively around our nursery and on landscape projects, as well as for installing larger trees. 

Our fees for installation are very reasonable and our sales associates can provide a “ballpark estimate” of labor costs to install most trees and larger evergreens.  We invoice, upon completion, for the costs of labor plus amendments, such as peat moss and fertilizers, that we use during installation.

If you are considering the purchase of a larger tree, please ask for an estimate of cost for installation, and avoid struggling to handle a 300 lb. rootball.  We will plant your tree properly and give you instructions on watering and care.  Doing it right is what we are all about.

Another option is available that can save you some $$.... we refer to this as “Tree Setting.”  This involves you digging the planting hole to the dimensions we tell you, and we deliver your new tree and set it into the pre-dug hole, making sure it is at the proper depth and straight.  You finish the project by mixing amendments with the excavated soil according to FSLN Planting Instructions.  The time required for our part is minimal, and the cost for setting a tree is significantly lower than if we perform all aspects of the planting.  Ask our sales associates for the Setting Charge for larger trees.


Our 2-year Guarantee shows our committment to providing our customers with quality products as well as expert landscaping advice and installation.  (more)



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