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We Can Show You How to Landscape
One of our most popular services is known as a Paint Out. This is a basic approach to landscape design that involves full size, on-the-ground, layout of bed outlines and plantings using aerosol marking paints. Because this eliminates the preparation of a scaled drawing or blueprint, it saves you money.

The Paint Out allows you to see, immediately, the exact size and shape of your new planting beds, as well as the exact locations of plants and the amount of space we know to allow for future growth. You'll be able to tell that we do not "cram plants" into your landscape, because, if we know that a particular shrub requires 7 feet of spread, we paint a 7 foot circle on the ground. We are much more concerned about how your plantings will look 5 to 10 years from now. We know and grow the plants we recommend. The Paint Out is ideally suited for the do-it-yourself home landscaper. We mark plant information on small plastic flags and help you prepare a shopping list for plants and materials. We will tell you how much edging to buy and how to properly install it. We will tell you how much mulch and topsoil you will need. We'll tell you how to prepare your soil and even give you tips on future pruning needs.

We can help you make intelligent decisions for an attractive appearance. We make getting started an easier job with Paint Out service.

Most appointments require 1 to 2 hours, and many of our clients ask us to "come back next year so we can tackle another area." Paint Out is the most efficient use of our design time. Our fee for Paint Outs is $75 per hour.

Our 2-year Guarantee shows our committment to providing our customers with quality products as well as expert landscaping advice and installation.  (more)

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