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Landscape Evaluation and Consultation
Want Landscape Ideas? Need to Solve Your Landscape Problems?

Looking for advice on what to plant, where to plant it, how to prune it, what's wrong with it, or are you simply “stumped” on what to do with your landscape plants that have gotten way bigger than you thought they would?

We can help!

We offer on-site suggestions and professional advice by way of our Landscape Evaluation and Consultation service (LE&C).

Each LE&C is scheduled by appointment and provides a professional Landscape Designer who visits your property, whether it is new construction or an existing residence or commercial establishment, to discuss problems and provide reasonable solutions.

Here are a few of the most common topics we discuss with our many LE&C customers:

  • Planting recommendations for trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers
  • Recommendations on what to do with overgrown or overcrowded plantings
  • Pruning techniques and demonstration (we can help you conquer Pruniphobia)
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Visual screening or privacy plantings
  • Drainage and/or erosion problems
  • Poor performance of turfgrasses in lawn areas
  • Possibilities for decks and patios
  • Site planning and structure location
  • Grade changes and berming
  • Lawn improvement and weed control
  • Plant identification and diagnosis of performance problems
  • Weed control strategies for landscape beds and wooded areas
  • Insect and disease diagnosis
  • Landscape Damage Appraisals

During the LE&C, you have every opportunity to ask questions, and no question is “stupid.” If you don't know, ask, and we will give you an honest, straightforward answer. “Should I cut down this tree?” or “When should I prune this?” or “Can I move this plant now?” or "How can I control these bugs?" or “Why can’t I get grass to grow here?” If you have questions like these, we can help get you headed in the right direction with our LE&C service.

Let's face it, you can put your money in the bank and make a few cents from interest each year; or you can help recover some of the value your home has lost in the past few years by investing in your landscape. Smart homeowners recognize that their landscape has a major impact on the value of their property, and they recognize that investing a few dollars in their landscapes today will pay much bigger dividends just a few years down the road, as the trees and shrubs approach mature size.

When you drive past a well-landscaped property, you notice how the home fits into the landscape. But when you drive past a house with a bunch of shrubs lined up along the walls, or growing over the sidewalk and driveway, what impression do you get? The bottom line is this:    Good landscaping doesn't cost… IT PAYS!
We can help make the most of your landscape investment and give you the knowledge you need to keep it looking good.

Maybe it is time for you to schedule a Landscape Evaluation & Consultation. Our hourly rate of $85 is more than reasonable for the amount of expertise we provide.


Our 2-year Guarantee shows our committment to providing our customers with quality products as well as expert landscaping advice and installation.  (more)

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