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 Why Should I Mulch in Early Spring? 

We could list a number of reasons for “early season” mulching, but here are 3 reasons we think are of greatest importance:

  • EASY – Yes, we mean EASY!  The easiest time to mulch is before your plants wake up from winter dormancy.  This is especially true if you have perennials because you can simply remove any spent foliage or debris from last year and mulch right over the top of dormant plants.  Their shoots and stems will gladly push right thru the new 2 – 3” layer of mulch you apply.  And you can easily see thru the branching of your shrubs to remove leaf litter from last year prior to mulching.

And here is one more BIG REASON to mulch early – this is the PERFECT TIME to prevent annual weeds in your landscape beds by applying a weed preventer type herbicide (like Treflan or Dimension) just before you spread mulch.  This puts the weed preventer at the exact place where the seed of annual weeds are – at the surface of the soil.  And when you spread mulch right after applying the herbicide, you get MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS since none of the product will volatilize.  This will not do anything to established perennial weeds like Dandelion, but most of those annual weeds that grow from last years seeds will be controlled.

  • BENEFICIAL - the benefits of mulch are many…  Mulch helps to
    • Protect the soil from erosion
    • Reduce compaction from the impact of heavy rains
    • Conserve moisture, reducing the need for frequent waterings
    • Maintain a more even soil temperature (cooler roots in summer)
    • Prevent weed growth, especially when you apply pre-emergent herbicides

  • LOOKS GOOD –  considering the aesthetics of your landscape beds and the “finished” look the remulching provides makes a statement about the pride you take in your home and property.  And remember to define bed edges by lowering the soil about 2” in the first 6-8” inside the perimeter of the bed so your new mulch has a place to “lodge” where it meets the lawn.  The extra few minutes this takes to do  makes a big difference in mowing maintenance for the remainder of the year.  Even if you have vinyl of brick edging, it will be a nuisance if you simply pile new mulch on top of old at the edge of the bed.  Lowering the grade in the bed’s perimeter allows you to mow right up to the bed edge without your mower flinging mulch into places where it shouldn’t be.

We suggest that you plan to Remulch every other year, instead of annually,   You should apply a 2-3” layer of fresh mulch and should not allow the mulch to be more than 1” deep where it contacts the stems or trunks of trees and shrubs.

 Love Your Landscape! 

Landscape plants are the primary focus of our business, and our selection of new and unusual varieties is second to none! Do we also offer the "old standby varieties?" Only the good ones! We grow many of the plants we sell and have been doing this for over 40 years, so we have been able to observe how each plant performs in our NW Indiana climate.

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